Programmes to empower dream chasers 

Welcome to Live your Dream CIC (LYD.CIC) offer a range of educational programmes designed to inspire and equip young people with the skills for a fast-changing world.

Girls Entrepreneurship Programme

Using the principles of design thinking, this programme will equip girls with the skills  needed to design and bring a new product or service to market. 

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PRU Character Education Programmes

Written for those excluded from mainstream schools, this bespoke Character Education programme is designed for you to meet the needs of your school.

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Nine Lives


An opportunity for those recently released from custodial Sentences to re-shape their identity and life script post release. A chance to shift mindsets. 

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Programme Values

Creativity & Innovation

Young people are natural innovators. Our mission is to enable children to harness their innate creativity towards enterprise, particularly focusing on purpose driven ventures. In so doing, we build confidence and skills that support self-reliance, tenacity, and productive creativity. 

Character & self-development

Character development is just as important as learning facts and figures - perhaps even more so in these tumultuous times. Our mission is to equip young people with frameworks that empower them to respond effectively to change and craft the lives they desire.

Identity & responsibility

Everyone has the capacity to change. This part of our programme emphasises growth and transformation through the development of emotional intelligence, particularly self-awareness, CBT techniques, purpose-led activities, and crucially, a rewriting of identity scripts. 

Past Events







LYD.CIC Launch 


Join us for our launch of Live Your Dream, where we will discuss the motivation for the programme, and give you insights into each of our three programmes: Nine Lives, Character Education and Girls Entrepreneurship. 

Location: Zoom

Feburary 10, 18.00 - 19.00

Nine Lives 

Join us to discuss the current level of provision for prisoners post-release and the ways in which our Nine Lives programme supports past-offenders to rebuild their identity, shift mindset and redirect their lives. 

Location: Zoom

March 1, 18.00 - 19.00

Character Education  

What is Character Education and why is it important? Join us to discuss the DoE Character Education framework and for a deep dive into the growing import of character education. We will discuss element of our character education programme and how it can support and empower young people.

Location: Zoom

March 23, 18.00 - 19.00