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As a people development leader, you play a pivotal role in guiding others to success while maintaining organisational growth goals. Our mission is to support you by offering affordable, customisable programs designed to cover your development goals. No more sourcing expensive training providers, this model allows you to build in house, giving you all the tools to succeed. With a variety of flagship programs offered on subscriptions, we partner with you on your journey towards empowerment. Our offerings are meticulously crafted to cultivate bold and compassionate leaders, engaged employees and to support commercial goals. If you seek tailored resources for training, development, coaching, workshops, talent pools, skills analysis et. look no further. 

Our Subscription Services

Subscription L&D make it easy 


1250 pm

Your team will be taken on a journey over a minimum of 3 months, training and empowering your HR team with the tools to create a skills taxonomy, and to assess the skills that your organisation have. Knowing where the skills gaps are is a fantastic first step to understanding your next development step.

This package includes access to the 'soft-skills' package including resources and monthly workshops on selected areas, including: Emotional Intelligence, Enhance communication, Managing Conflict, DEIB Programme

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3000 pm

Over a minimum of 3 months, this programme will create the momentum to move you forward from idea to action. 

It suits organisations with a clearer sense of the change required for growth, This package includes tools and resources to design your own tailored learning strategy, including programmes and timelines for delivery.

Incudes 'soft skills' package and workshops, as well as up to 4 psychometric testing each month, and 2 weekly 121 sessions lasting 1 hour to help coach and direct the team towards change.

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Over a minimum of 6 months, our most comprehensive subscription includes 

* Review of existing L&D functions, from performance reviews to annual programme plans, producing a 25 page report with recommendations for the board approval. 

* Unlimited interactions within your time zone. 

* A dedicated team of experts to plan, test and roll out your L&D strategy for six months.

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Empower your business to master change and redefine potential. Our customizable suite of programs is designed to enhance your team's learning, creativity, upskilling, and reskilling capabilities. By doing so, we boost your company's growth, capacity, and engagement, directly impacting better performance outcomes


Abdi Farah

Head of TiC and SOL

Akosua embodies a remarkable blend of intelligence, eloquence, and unwavering passion for her work, marking her as an exceptional professional in her field. Her intellect, coupled with her ability to articulate thoughts with precision, reflects a depth of knowledge and a compelling way of communicating ideas that captivates those around her.

Kalida Potal

Founder, Girl Power

Akousa is a forward-thinking, positive, kind, curious and intelligent colleague to work with. She is analytical, reflective, thoughtful, methodological, and attentive to detail, and considers approaches to systems change. I found her highly knowledgeable and skilful in organising information/Creating patterns and systems out of complex situations.

Rasika Umamahesh

Marketing and Communication Manager

Akosua is a very passionate individual, bringing a lot of positivity and energy to the work place. She is a strategic thinker with the ability to devise innovative solutions. She has strong people skills and is an excellent communicator, working with both the Senior Management and a diverse student body.


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