About Us

Live Your Dream CIC is an education start-up, launched in January 2021.

We write and deliver educational programmes designed to empower young leaders who are marginalised or excluded. We recognise these dreamers have a wealth of untapped Potential and so we design and deliver programmes to equip them with the psychological tools they require to become the visionary leaders they are. 


Our current education system works from the outside-in. That means, filling children with facts and stats. What is lacking is inside-out education. This means teaching children to develop the psychological characteristics required for success.

Characteristics such as how to harness creativity in the service of purpose driven projects, how to develop resilience, a sense of self-worth, agency and purpose.  In the absence of this type of self-knowledge, greatness is obscured, and unproductive habits can  prevail. 

"The only limitation to your success is your imagination. If our imagination has no limits, your success will be boundless" - LYD.CIC


What is unique about LYD.CIC educational programmes is that they focus on inside-out education for systemically marginalised groups. 

Our journey began in May 2019 at a workshop on Character Education.  There, we conceived the idea of offering transformational educational experiences to young people from under privileged groups. 

After 1 year of research and ideation we launched as a social enterprise, sharing frameworks and skills that support transformational change. Key to the concept was emotional intelligence and repurposing frameworks in the change management space. Out of the former came our character education and nine lives programmes. Out of the latter came our entrepreneurship programme, in which students gain confidence by learning to bring a product or service to market, but has a deeper significance; students who undergo the programme go through a self-transformation, bringing a refreshed and revitalised self into the world, ready to change communities and use their knowledge to empower others.

We are passionate about giving young dreamers tools to live their dream, and we are confident that the best tools they have to do this comes from within them: their own ideas, their creativity, resilience, compassion and drive.

The Team

Akosua Bonsu


Akosua Founded LYD.CIC with a view initially to help young offenders in the BAME community to transform their life narrative. With the support of Trevor Messam the idea grew, developed and became sharper. Akosua is passionate about education and widening participation Her dream is to empower others through education.

Trevor Messam


Trevor Messam has been with LYD.CIC since its inception, offering valuable insights from his many years working as an engineer. He has an MBA in creative innovation and a passion for using images and digital tools to communicate complex concepts. Trevor teaches entrepreneurship, and enjoys hiking and skiing. 

Rob Almonte


Rob is a content creation specialist who's vision and passion align with LYD. CIC's values. His varied experience from a wide range of sectors including IT, education and Media. Rob enjoys writing and also does photography.